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My husband and I spent an exorbitant amount of money for a new bed.

When purchased, we set a date and time for it to be delivered (weeks from then). Days before the delivery I receive a phone call that my merchandise isn’t where it needed to be for delivery.

I had to rearrange my schedule to have it delivered on another date. The person I spoke with was apologetic and I was compensated for the “inconvenience.” In truth, I just wanted a good night sleep. Moving forward 5 weeks. I determine that the mattress is not right for me.

I paid extra to be able to switch the mattress for a different one. I went to the store and picked another mattress, paying even more out of pocket, and again, set a time for delivery (again weeks out). Once again I receive a call that I have to rearrange my schedule because my merchandise wasn’t where it needed to be. So AGAIN I rearrange my schedule.

I’m asked if mornings or evening would be best. I explained I need mornings because I leave the house at two. The day before, I get an automated call that my delivery is scheduled between 12-5. I call the number to speak with the delivery department and Im told that they cannot help when my delivery will be.

Deliveries are planned out by GPS. So essentially I was told that it really doesn’t matter how much, I have been and will, be inconvenienced, the delivery will be made when it’s made. Even though my file said I needed delivery before 2pm. That brings me to today.

I struggled to find someone to pick my children up from school as to not “miss” the delivery. At 5pm I once again called delivery only to be told that “you’ll get it sometime tonight, delivery was held up.” I’ve thought back in my head, the thousands of dollars I’ve spent at Big Sandy over the years and wondered, how much does one pay to be made a priority? I mean this time alone was over $5,000. And I’ll NEVER spend another dime there.

I would suggest to the person reading this, you don’t either. On a side note I called the store today and asked to speak with a manager or the owner.

I was placed on hold for over 8 minutes before I hung up. Done...

Product or Service Mentioned: Big Sandy Superstore Customer Care.

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